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Friday, July 10, 2009
i am getting more and more bored in italy. there's nothing much here and the things damn expensive. hais guess you are having fun in singapore lah. and totally forget about me. dont even have one msg from you since yesterday. guess i go back to singapore of dont go back also no
different already. today morning when to stadium and support jared in his 200m. hmm he did well yeh. he did his PB at 22.73secs that fast lah haha. congrats.

Damn fcuk up down here. its a confirm thing that i cant do my PB here as i didnt even train
for 3months after nationals. i shouldnt even be here. hais. thinking whether to continue training
or jsut quit track and move on with life. and the true is i am getting tired with training.


Ong Chinhwee posted at 5:25 AM

Thursday, July 9, 2009
hello, now currently in italy. my times here sucks lah. nothing fun down here.
the weather wasnt so good too.its like cold wind plus sun, so is hot plus cold. feel so bad!
ytd just did my individual event and i did it badly. hais dont wish to say it. everything here
was still okay lah. but i still prefer to go back to singapore. having a bad sore throat yesterday after my race. 5 more days then i can be back at singapore lah.

hais i miss you more each day in italy.i wish i could go back and accompany you now.i look at our photos everyday and feel like crying D; you better eat every meal hor. i dont wish i go back something happen to you or what. and make sure you sleep early and dont go out with friend when its very late already, dont need worry about me lah i will be okay haha. takecare of yourself babyy!
be good and wait for me come back hor. D; iloveyou more each day! missyou too darling! <33

Ong Chinhwee posted at 12:31 AM

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